Book 1 – The Fall

About The Fall

The Fall is the first book in the fantasy series Dragon Order Chronicles. It is full of adventure, mystery, violence, corruption and a bit of romance. It is the first book in my upcoming fantasy series Dragon Order Chronicles. This novel sets the stage for many of the events that will take place in the following four books.

It is currently a work in progress. My goal is to have the first draft completed by the end of the year.

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The Fall takes place in the slums of the largest city in the known world. It follows an impoverished orphan girl named Ayela. As betrayal and tragedy plummet her life into chaos, she meets Ban, an earth elemental in a situation similar to her own. Will she survive and elevate herself from poverty? Will she find the love she had always dreamed of?  Or will something sinister force her down dark paths to an uncertain future?

Magic in Albrene

Unlike many fantasy series, magic in Albrene is approached from a more logical perspective. Magic has laws, much like physics have laws. Some can be broken, but at great cost. I created these laws prohibit myself from falling into the trap of "magic will fix it," and to eliminate the question "why didn't they just use magic."

2019 Goals

I have set several goals for myself in 2019 as represented by the progress bars below. Here's to completing and surpassing them.

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