Joy Rides

I hold a firm belief that these are stories that I have been given, stories that need to be told. They take place in a fantasy world that has a right to exist. I will not be happy until every word is written and available for the world to enjoy. This blog is the next step in my dream of becoming an author. It is my playground, where I take my characters on their very own marvelous adventures. Here, the characters of my fiction will learn and grow. Here they will form into the magnificent creatures, or monsters, in my upcoming series, Dragon Order Chronicles. The first book of which will be, The Fall.

Here, I take my characters on a test drive through their backstories. I learn how they think, act, and live in the world of Albrene. I test them in perilous situations involving action, adventure, thrills, and romance. These events give them reason to be who they are. The stories in this blog allow you to experience the world of Albrene from viewpoints you may never see in in the novels.

The First Story

The first in this sequence of short stories is The Good SoldierIt tells the story of a young military commander striving to please his god and climb through the ranks.