Fantasy Series

Albrene Chronicles

Albrene Chronicles is a planned series of short stories and books that take place in the world of Albrene. Albrene is a high fantasy world where every individual has their own life, their own motivations, and their own story arc. I strongly believe that there should be no truly evil characters, only characters whose motivations and goals place them at odds with the main character and the story's plot.

Albrene does have the typical fantasy tropes of elves, dragons, gods, and magic. However, I have put my own spin on many of these. If y ou would like to know more, look for a blog about my world-building to come later this year or early 2021



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My Playground

This blog is the next step in my dream of becoming a fantasy author. It is my playground, where I take my characters on their very own marvelous adventures. Here, the characters of my fiction will learn and grow. They will form into the magnificent creatures, or monsters, in my upcoming fantasy series, Albrene Chronicles. The first book of which will be Rise of The Witnesses.

Short Stories

In the short stories section titled, Albrene Chronicles: Origins, I explore the characters of my fantasy series. I take them on joy rides through their backstories I learn how they think, act, and live in the fantasy world of Albrene. I test them in perilous situations involving action, adventure, thrills, and romance. These events give them a reason to be who they are. The stories in this blog allow you to experience the world of Albrene from viewpoints you may never see in the series Albrene Chronicles.

Writing Tips

(coming Soon)

In the writing tips section, I will be giving writing advice that I have picked up during my 10-year road to becoming a fantasy author. We will discuss character development, plot building, marketing, outlining, and more. It is a place where you can share your thought and opinions, a place where you can make your voice heard.

Dungeons and Dragons

(coming soon)

The first book in my fantasy series was partially inspired by a home-made adventure I created and played with several of my close friends from college. They inspired the main characters and helped to create their backstories. I have been told that I am a great dungeon master; in the dungeons and dragons section, I hope to pass my knowledge and beliefs of dungeons and dragons to whoever will listen.

What is Dungeons and Dragons?

The short answer is that dungeons and dragons is a tabletop fantasy adventure role-playing game. It is a game where friends come together to cooperatively tell a story. It is a way to forget about the world around us for just a few hours and experience fantasy, adventure, and action in a way that we could never hope to replicate in a book, movie or videogame.

The First Story

The first in this sequence of short stories is The Good SoldierIt tells the story of a young military commander striving to please his god and climb through the ranks.